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What we do …

High quality transfers of your original 78, 45 or 33 rpm discs, record albums, or cassette recordings, to CD, from as low as $15.50. Enjoy the convenience of having your historic recordings, cherished favorite old vinyl album, cassette recordings on compact disc.

We also offer audio restoration of your 45, 33, or 78 rpm records and cassette recordings. We can digitally transfer and restore them by significantly reducing noise, rumble, hiss, clicks and pops through our noise reduction audio enhancement process. To complete your audio restorations they are “burned” to archive quality CD-R recording media.

Only the best grade equipment is used throughout the entire audio conversion process to obtain the highest quality Lp and tape to CD transfers, always guaranteed or your money cheerfully refunded. We use only professional grade equipment throughout for every conversion we do, whether with or without noise reduction (audio restoration) from any LP, cassette to new Compact disc. We can also create high quality cover art reproductions using custom art, archive quality inks and papers to assure that they last for years.

All of our LP and tape to CDtransfer and noise reduction pricing is ala carte, so you can choose just what you want, and just how much you want to save on the restoration of your albums and conversion to Cd.

Click one of these links to hear a before and after examples of restoration.

Before Restoration After Restoration

Who should use our services ….

  • Have you been waiting for that favorite old album to be released on CD, but it looks as if it never will be ?
  • Have you ever asked yourself – who can make CD’s of my favorite old vinyl 33 record albums ?
  • Are you an analog audiophile that wants to enjoy some of your favorite analog lp’s or reel to reel tapes with the convenience of today’s audio CD’s, transferred at the best possible digital quality and at an affordable price ?
  • Do you have a turntable at home, but only a CD player in your car or at the office ?
  • Do you want to archive your decaying long playing record or tape collection before it becomes too late?
  • Have you been holding onto a stash of your favorite old vinyl records or tapes for years but don’t even have a turntable anymore ?
  • Do you have some old albums that you’d like to transfer to CD but don’t want to spend a small fortune on equipment, noise reduction and audio recording software, plus the time it takes to learn how to use it all, and still only achieve mediocre results ?
  • Do you want to transfer some favorite old album, cassettes to CD but the prices found on other web sites are prohibitive, or they don’t offer true quality at reasonable prices ?
  • You bought one of the new Home Audio CD recorders and have come to find out that it doesn’t make each track accessible like a normal CD and/or those old LP’s are much more noisier than you remembered and you can’t stand listening to all those clicks and pops and scratches.
  • Would you like to get someone special a great gift by having a cherished old recording converted to CD ?

….. we can help

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